Who Does This Stuff?

All the design work is done by Mel Climer. Trained in design at the University of North Texas before spending 15 years as an art director & graphic designer in the corporate world. Jumping fulltime into the freelance work of Climer Design. The client list through the years has included organizations large & small; entrepreneurs, corporations & non-profits, ministries & civic organizations.

Each project is custom designed and personally created to fit the client and their objectives.

How I Do
This Stuff

Whether it’s laying out a poster or flyer, creating a logo, putting together a book, brochure, ad, sign, label, or creating graphics for online use.


Imagination and creative thinking is the start of every good idea. Sketches are developed into concepts and tightened up before presenting them for feedback and approvals. Some ideas get more fully developed before the client gets to see them if a digital creation of the concept speaks best.


Good design happens when all the necessary information is organized into a space where the visuals, wording, and colors all work together to deliver the message. The right layout, visuals, and words are key to creative communication.


After all the info and artsy stuff is done and approved, then comes the final execution. Finished files are prepared for print or online use, elements are exported in the proper formats and color modes, and stuff gets printed or posted.

Each step in the design process receives the personal attention it needs to be engaging and to communicate the message. The goal is to come up with just the right blend of visual images, words, and design to get noticed and read.