Ivanhoe Ale Works – Pencil Illustrated Labels

I decided recently to read Don Quiote so this series of illustrations for beer labels with a bunch of knights seems fitting to share. The original Ivanhoe Ale Works bottle labels featured pencil drawings colorized in Photoshop. A dizzy blonde roller-skating waitress, a spraypainting vandal, a brave knight on his steed, and the brewery owner cannonballing off the Carpenter Bluff bridge. That diver label is where they decided to lean in to the knight thing so we stuck a helmet on Gabe’s head. My favorite was probably Tis But a Scratch with the famous Black Knight looking down at his severed arm holding his beer. I love how he’s just looking down pondering his loss. Eventually the knight errant went to the beach and that was that. Recently I’ve done a bunch of line art illustrated labels for them with zero knights.